Employee Attendance Management System – Source Code 16 January 21

Employee Attendance is a time tracking solution android app for maintaining daily attendance records.It allow employees to mark their attendance from anywhere in the world. It captures the exact Check IN / OUT Time along with exact Current Location of employees and stores in firebase and hence you can track your employees attendance as well as their attendance location online anytime.
nEmployee Attendance app can be used either by large or small business to monitor the attendance of their respective employees.


  1. Intuitive and easy to use user interface.
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  3. User Management (Admin / Employee)
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  5. Attendance Management
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  7. Salary Management
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  9. Holiday
  10. n

  11. Define Designation Of Employee
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  13. Set Day Wise Employee Working Hours
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  15. Notify Admin When Employee Mark IN/OUT
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  17. Today Present Employees Along With IN/OUT Time
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  19. Show IN/OUT Locations On Google Map
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  21. Realtime Employee Tracking
  22. n

  23. Month Wise Full Calendar Report
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  25. View Employees Past Attendance Report
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  27. Broadcast Common Notification To All Employees
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  29. Sticky Notes
  30. n

  31. Popup for new application update.
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  33. Settings with Feedback, Share Apps, Rate Us and Skype Id for discussion.
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  35. Source code use Android proguard that protect from decompile app.
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  37. Target SDK 28- support newest android version 9.0. Support android version from 5.0 to 9.0 and newer.
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  39. Tested run well on various android devices.
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  41. Stable source code.
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  43. Easy To Reskin no extra coding is required.
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