Dot Lines Android Game with Admob Ads + reward video + Android Studio + ready to publish 18 May 21

Dot lines is a one-tap game of reflex and skill, Pick the perfect moment and spring to action. Dash between the lines, avoid red dots and collect blue ones. Navigate challenging geometrical puzzles, improve your score, and use it to unlock new characters!
nEasy to Reskin:
nImport in Android studio 3.6.2 and above (Buildbox is not required)
nUse the included RESKIN Software to reskin the game according to your game design
nChange admod banner, Interstitial and Reward video ID’s in android studio
nExport Signed APK
nUpload to Google Play store and other stores
nEarn money from ads
nDetailed documentation and RESKIN software is included.
nContents of documentation
nInstall Android Studio
nImport Project in Android Studio
nUpdate Game Name, Icon, Package ID
nChange Admob/Facebook Ad Id’s
nChange Game Service Id’s
nChange More Game’s and Rate Game links
nExport Apk to upload to Google play
nHow to Reskin the Game to make it Unique.

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